Protecting, restoring, and preserving your child’s natural teeth

Restorative dentistry does not have to be in your child’s future. As a trusted and responsive dental home for your child, Groat Pediatric Dentistry emphasizes preventative care. Restorative treatments like fillings and crowns are recommended as a response to damage. These restorations treat decay, trauma, or other damage to a tooth. While many oral problems are highly preventable with consistent, routine care – at our office and at home – our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Christopher Groat, is also here for you and your child in the event of the unexpected. 

Our San Pedro, California team also appreciates that all children and families have different dental experiences and backgrounds. It may have been some time since your child saw a dentist. We empathize and look forward to being your partner in their journey to better oral health. Regardless of whether your child’s dental damage is caused by chronic decay or acute trauma resulting from an injury on the field or playground, there is a restoration or treatment designed to ease symptoms in the near term and to sustain their health and well-being into the future. 

Depending on what we find during an exam of your child’s mouth, restorative treatment may involve:

  • Cavity repair with non-metal, tooth-colored composite dental fillings
  • Versatile crowns to restore the strength and shape of teeth with large cavities or to repair broken and weakened teeth that are vulnerable to further damage.
  •  Space-maintaining devices that help to guide the proper positioning of the adult, secondary, or permanent teeth may be necessary if baby or primary teeth are lost prematurely – remember: baby teeth are temporary but no less important!
  • A pulpotomy procedure to resolve more severe decay and to provide pain relief to a baby tooth that has sustained damage to its innermost tooth structure (sometimes referred to as a “baby root canal”)
  • Removal of a tooth to accommodate and support proper maxillofacial development; for instance, if a baby tooth fails to fall out on its own and is impeding the ability for the permanent teeth to break through properly

We are also happy to discuss any concerns or questions about anesthesia or sedation to keep your child comfortable and relaxed and support the most pleasant experience at the dentist’s office. Happy pediatric patients turn into healthy adult patients! Call (310) 832-5133 to reach the Groat Pediatric Dentistry team in San Pedro, CA, today.