The value and power of dental crowns for kids

Dental crowns are not “just” for adults. They also have an important place and role at a children-only dental practice like Groat Pediatric Dentistry. From our “home” in San Pedro, California, Dr. Christopher Groat may recommend crowns for kids to address various situations. In the shorter term, they can help get your child out of pain and ease other distressing symptoms. Over the longer term, they support the health, function, and beauty of your child’s smile well into their later years. 

Crowns for Kids

All crowns are generally dental materials precisely prepared and shaped to cover up a natural tooth. The tooth may have been damaged by trauma, such as fractures caused by accidents, blows to the face during sports, or chronic conditions like dental decay. Any damaged tissue is removed, and the tooth is reshaped before the crown is placed.

The specific material used to build up the tooth with a crown depends on various factors, including the location and function of the tooth. At our practice, we use both metal and non-metal materials, including ceramics like zirconia and stainless steel. Dr. Groat can recommend the best option for your child. 

Once the crown has been made, it is fixed securely to the natural tooth. It is designed to fit on top of the entire visible part of the tooth, starting at the gum line. So, restoring a tooth with a crown is considered a more extensive alternative than a cavity filling. However, these more conservative options may not be suitable for your child if the tooth has sustained more severe damage. Crowns may be the only way to preserve a badly cracked, broken, traumatized, decayed, or infected tooth. By placing a dental crown, tooth extraction or removal is avoided, as is the need for space maintainers.

Crowns may also be appropriate for both baby and adult teeth. While temporary, baby teeth serve many essential functions for your growing child. In part, they help to guide the permanent or secondary teeth into their correct positions. This helps your child avoid the need for complex orthodontic treatment and other complications, such as excessive wear and tear to the teeth caused by resulting bite imbalances. 

Also, baby teeth support proper and healthy speech and chewing during their critical growth years. It is important that we protect them, and Groat Pediatric Dentistry has an array of options at our office in San Pedro, CA, to do just that. 

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