What to do when unexpected emergencies arise: Responsive, trusted pediatric dentistry to the rescue!

If it concerns you, it is a concern to us. Groat Pediatric Dentistry offers emergency dental care for good reason. We want to be as responsive and accommodating of urgent matters as possible. Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Christopher Groat, knows that with some dental conditions and situations, moments matter; prompt treatment can make the difference between preserving your child’s tooth or recommending its extraction or replacement (depending on the nature of the damage or trauma). 

The first thing to do when a dental emergency occurs is to call us at (310) 832-5133.  There are things that you can do to address the concern right away, and that can also help minimize the risk of losing the tooth or other serious complications. Once you call us, we will walk you through immediate options for care. Depending on the specific matter or issue at hand, Dr. Groat may advise on simple measures such as applying cold compresses or using over-the-counter pain medication.  There are some situations that require an immediate visit to our office, and we’ll let you know if your child needs to see Dr. Groat immediately. 

After-hours emergency care

We understand that dental emergencies don’t often happen at the most convenient times.  Dr. Groat makes himself available to his patients after hours. Remember, the first thing to do when a dental emergency occurs is to call us at (310) 832-5133

Depending on what we find when we see your child, treatments to get to the source of the problem and to provide lasting relief may include dental restorations (like fillings or crowns) or re-implantation of the tooth. Even knocked-out or avulsed teeth can be “saved” if we can treat your child quickly enough. It is essential to remain calm at all times. Know that your child is in good hands, and they will return to feeling like themselves in no time. 

Keep our number — (310) 832-5133 — handy and accessible for all family members. And, if it’s been a while since your child’s last check-up, don’t hesitate to contact us. Many painful problems that lead to emergency treatment can be avoided with routine visits and preventative services.