The foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles

Exams + Cleanings = Check-ups … 

The best treatment is no treatment at all. Our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Christopher Groat, practices preventative dentistry to accomplish this. Preventive dentistry stays ahead of problems, is proactive, and protects the teeth, gums, and supportive structures. It is in contrast to reactive dentistry, which involves responding to problems after they have emerged and treating the damage. While Groat Pediatric Dentistry knows we cannot prevent all damage to the teeth and mouth, many oral problems are highly preventable. 

The routine dental check-up at our San Pedro, California office is fundamental to preventative dentistry. No check-up is complete without an exam. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that the first such visit occurs no later than the child’s first birthday or within six months of the first tooth erupting. Think of it as the “1, 1, 1 rule.” 

The first visit is about making you and your child comfortable with us and our office. We will also advise on ways to clean your child’s gums and developing teeth. Baby teeth are important. They play a critical role in early childhood development. Preserving the health of the baby teeth can even prevent the need for some forms of orthodontic treatment later in life by ensuring the secondary teeth (their “replacements”) grow in properly.

We can ensure your child’s mouth is healthy, and the teeth and other structures are properly developing. If problems are spotted, we catch them early before they cause damage and present complications to your child’s oral and overall health. These comprehensive exams involve monitoring the condition of the supportive soft and hard tissues, including the gums and jaw joints. 

Dr. Groat generally looks for signs of early-stage tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis), pre-cancerous lesions, bite imbalances, and other problems that may require immediate intervention or warrant further investigation. X-rays or other diagnostic tools may be used to get a better, closer look at the inside of your child’s mouth. These diagnostics are well-tolerated, extremely safe, and emit minimal radiation. Your child’s comfort and safety is our priority!

Of course, no check-up would be complete without a cleaning by one of our hygienists. Our hygienists love working with kids. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here! They know how to gently yet thoroughly clean little mouths, while helping to teach kids and parents how to properly brush and floss at home.  Kids love how fresh their mouths feel and how sparkling clean their teeth look after a good polishing. 

During these visits, we may apply a special type of fluoride, sealants, or other products to help protect your child’s teeth. We can advise on everything from good toothbrushes to good toothbrushing techniques to tooth-friendly foods and beverages.  

All children should visit us at least twice yearly, more often if Dr. Groat recommends it. Call (310) 832-5133 to schedule your child’s first or next check-up at Groat Pediatric Dentistry in San Pedro, CA, today.